Sell a Home with Problems As-Is

Owning a home with a lot of problems can be overwhelming and stressful. Take a look at some things to consider, questions to ask yourself, and what each option entails in this video: Typically, people will do one of three things: Hire a contractor to make repairs. Hope that the contractor does good work, and … Read more

The Best Time of Year to Sell Your House

Are you thinking about selling, but would prefer to time the market? Some cities are seasonal, and they’re typically vacation destination cities with a lot of tourism. Other cities like Pittsburgh are more consistent year round, but are impacted by weather and school schedule factors. Here’s the short and sweet answer: The best time to sell a … Read more

How to Speed Up a Real Estate Closing

Are you currently in a situation where time is working against you? Are you trying to close on selling your property as fast as possible to meet an important deadline or avoid fees, liens, and lawsuits? If you have an emergency: Please call us immediately at 412-772-4200 These tips will help you accelerate the speed … Read more

Holding Costs Vs Closing Costs

At Cash Home Buyer Pros, we divide real estate ownership into 3 different phases: purchase/buying, ownership/holding, and sale/selling. There are different costs associated with each phase. Let’s break this down and see just what they consist of in a customary scenario. Purchase/Buying: All of the following items listed are Closing Costs. Title insurance policy recording … Read more