About Us


“The Pittsburgh Flip” Documentary

We were featured in a house flipping documentary special in which we gave news channel network WQED a tour of a 6 unit multifamily fix and flip project.

(Check out our feature beginning at 15:12)

Our Story

We purchased our first property in 2015.

Our brand originally began as “PGH Property Buyer” and we focused on buying solely in Pittsburgh for a period of time.

We eventually expanded beyond Pittsburgh and are now “Cash Home Buyer Pros.”

We currently buy homes and other types of properties nationwide.

Our Founder

We are woman owned. Our founder was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and began buying homes virtually and out of state before she created the brands.

She was featured in WQED’s “The Pittsburgh Flip” house flipping documentary, and gave the news channel network a tour of a distressed multifamily portfolio that she purchased and revived.

Giving Back

Our wonderful, compassionate team loves to help Sellers and animals (especially dogs). We support and donate to organizations such as Fur Kid Rescue in Pittsburgh, PA and the Humane Society in Naples, FL. Our donations are spent on rescue animals’ emergency life-saving surgeries and animal shelter resources.