How to Speed Up a Real Estate Closing

Are you currently in a situation where time is working against you?

Are you trying to close on selling your property as fast as possible to meet an important deadline or avoid fees, liens, and lawsuits?

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These tips will help you accelerate the speed of your closing and sell a house fast.

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Complete these steps immediately once you go pending:

  • Introduce with the closing company
  • Make sure the closing company has full contact info for all parties involved in the sale: phone, email, mailing address, entity documents
  • Send the closing company a copy of the executed purchase agreement
  • Sellers: Have the closing company email you the “seller forms”, then complete and send them back the same day

Do this once a week:

  • Call or email the closing company and ask for closing updates, and if there are any items missing or incomplete that could hold back the title clearance process

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