A Seller’s Most Costly Repairs

If you were to sell your home on the market with Realtors involved, the buyer will likely order a home inspection, appraisal, radon test, sewer line test, and WDO test (wood destroying organism).

Here are some averages of the most costly repairs that may need addressed and repaired by the seller before closing:

Electrical – rewire the house to eliminate all knob and tube wiring: $10,000

Repipe and re-plumb – replace old copper and lead lines, damaged and stolen pipes: $10,000 for just the interior of the home

Re-roof a home: $10,000

Structural issues – carbon fiber wall strap for one wall: $5,000

Rebuild an average size retaining wall: $12,500

Replace siding: $15,000

Replace windows: $9,800

Waterproofing – stop moisture and water from draining into the home and stop it from working its way through porous foundation stone: $7,000 for one wall of a basement

These were some of the more common and most costly issues that arise when sellers go to sell their homes.

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  1. I always gain such valuable and multi-faceted insights by following your wisdom in the housing market, especially on implications as a potential buyer or seller.

    You have pointed out to me in this summary issue areas I never even knew to consider. I will now use this as a roadmap for consideration to protect myself with knowledge leveraged off of your team’s extensive experience and knowledge base.

    In appreciation..


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