Steps of Selling a Home in Pittsburgh

PGH Property Buyer explains the chronological steps that are taken to sell a home here in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Each Borough or Municipality has different requirements for the sale of a home.

This is a handy tool to research your Borough/Municipality to find out the requirements involved: Allegheny County MuniciScreen Shot 2018-08-10 at 7.05.52 PMpality Map

  1. Buyer and seller sign a sales contract
  2. Earnest/hand money, if any, gets deposited to title company
  3. Title search due diligence begins
  4. Inspections are done, if any
  5. Appraisals are done, if any
  6. Dye test is done, if borough requires it
  7. Occupancy inspection is done, if borough requires it
  8. Closing

It is important to note that the steps listed above may or may not happen in that specific order. Some buyers might have a dye test and inspection done in the same day, or the title search might not be complete for 2 weeks after the pending sale date.

If you are involved in a cash transaction, there might not be inspections or appraisals. When a buyer finances, you should almost always expect an inspection and appraisal to be ordered.

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  1. This post is wonderfully informative. This has provided me knowledge in aspects of the process to empower me to better understand how to pursue home ownership further. I really like how informative this post is here, and how concisely and clearly it is conveyed. The ability to de-construct such a complex process into a checklist of milestones really shows me how much experience you have in this area of expertise. Presenting it so clearly instills confidence in a decision to proceed, as I know now that you ‘got my back’ throughout the entire life cycle to home ownership.


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