Facing Foreclosure? Don’t Repeat This Person’s Mistake

PGH Property Buyer received a phone call this week on Sunday, August 5th. A home owner reached out to us and explained that their home was going to be sold at the Allegheny County Sheriff Sale Foreclosure Auction the very next day (Monday, August 6th).


The owner asked if it was too late to sell, and we informed them that it likely was too late. We explained that the Allegheny County auctions usually encounter a few postponements until the property actually sells. Therefore, we offered to help them by doing some research on our end, and hopefully find that the scheduled auction was postponed.

Our research showed that they did have an original sheriff sale auction date, and it was postponed to sell on August 6th. The home was foreclosed on that day.

The very unfortunate truth is that we absolutely could have helped this family if the family did not wait to act until the very last minute.

Closing a property takes time. A cash transaction closing in the City of Pittsburgh municipality takes about 2-3 weeks if rushed. Properties in Boros (such as Etna, Penn Hills, Dormont, South Park, Bethel Park, etc.) take a little longer to close because Boroughs commonly require dye tests and occupancy permits.

If you are falling behind on payments, we urge you to not wait to take action. It will end up costing you additional stress, time, and money. Remember, if you fall behind on your mortgage, taxes, or HOA fees, interest and attorney fees promptly accrue. What originally cost you $100,000 could end up costing you $140,000 by avoiding your financial challenges.

We can help you right away!

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